Random 49Cent Acts of Kindness


What’s your favorite stamp?

We’re joining with you in committing #Random49CentActsofKindness!

What is the right occasion to send a greeting card? Remembering birthdays used to be a way of showing friends they’re special. Now Facebook and LinkedIn broadcast birthdays to the whole world; does that dilute the significance of birthday greetings? Perhaps it just means we have to be more creative!

Sending a card snail mail will still make you stand out from the hordes of online “Happy Birthdays”. But why wait for birthdays? Or Christmas, when everyone is deluged with greetings. Why wait for a holiday at all? It’s delightful to discover a surprise in the mail any day of the year. Think of it as a random 49cent act of kindness — just pop something fun in an envelope and deliver a smile to someone you care about! Order greetings from Eat The Fine Print and we’ll throw in the Forever stamps to mail them. (Good through 9/30/14.)


Fun Stuff You Can Send With A 49cent Stamp

Is that 49 cent stamp still giving you sticker shock? Focus on the cost-benefit ratio for a minute. Really, a first class stamp is still a bargain when you think about how you can brighten someone’s day andImage give them a break from the monotony of finding only bills in the mailbox. Eat The Fine Print isn’t sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service and, actually, keeping the USPS in business isn’t part of our mission. We just love getting letters the old-fashioned way. Letters that someone took pen to paper to write, that are delivered by the letter carrier. We also like to tuck in an extra little surprise with a handwritten note. Here are some fun things you can mail for 49 cents. We all have envelopes and FOREVER stamps around the house… these don’t even require a trip to the post office!